The Blessing

Father Roger Behr

Our facility has been blessed by our minister, Roger Behr.


Cremation Options
Because we care, we want to assist you in making certain that your beloved friend has a dignified final resting place. We assure you that your very special family member will be handled in a gentle and loving manner.

Ash Return Cremation

Individual cremation services include the gentle pickup of your pet at your veterinary hospital, the individual cremation process, placing the cremated remains in an attractive urn and hand delivering the remains back to the veterinary hospital to be reunited with your family. A certificate of cremation is issued with every individual cremation. The individual pet is kept separated from those of other pets in the cremation chamber with no commingling of ashes. Strict quality controls are used to monitor each pet throughout the cremation process.

• Individual care for pet

• Closure package to assist with grieving

• Assurance the ash remains are those of only the beloved pet

• Home pickup and return arrangements can be made at an additional cost

• Certificate of cremation included

• Engraved metal nameplate with pet's name

Communal Cremation

Communal cremation services include the gentle pickup of your pet at your veterinary hospital, then your pet is cremated in a group setting with other pets. This option maintains a high level of dignity at a modest cost.

• Pet ashes not returned
• Joint cremation with other pets
• An alternative to disposal in the local land fill

Service Dogs
All service dogs (seeing eye, search & rescue, state trooper and local police dogs) receive ashes returned cremation service free of charge with proof of service.

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